Isha Knill - Business Coaching
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Isha’s engaging and interactive keynotes focus on topical issues for women such as gender equality, mindfulness, mindful communication, business management, and motherhood. She speaks on a variety of topics such as:

Grow Ourselves to Grow our Men

We are 100 years on from when women where first where allowed to vote yet

It’s time to take a different approach to this age-old challenge and learn practical solutions to this century’s old problem.

Grow through Conflict

Isha left her homeland due to political instability to start a new life in Australia. She is no stranger to challenge, conflict and adversity and knows how to turn these challenges into opportunities.  Learn how we need to take a fresh approach to conflict, manage our way through difficult patches and come out winners.  

Slice Through the Noise

In today’s crowded market place, how do you cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd?  Learn a new way of doing business that’s guaranteed to separate you from the crowd, bring better work/life balance and overall success.

Is Happiness a Myth?

What is happiness?  Is happiness even real?  Research has discovered the biggest barrier to happiness is the way we have been taught to think about it.  It’s time to take a fresh approach to creating a fulfilling life. 

Work Life balance, Can we have it all?

The concept of work life balance is largely a myth – balance occurs on the inside not the outside.  Learn tips and techniques you need to gain a better sense of balance whilst living a busy life.

Sell without Selling

55% of our communication is non-verbal.  Most of the ‘words’ people speak and our understanding of what they say comes from non-verbal communication, otherwise known as body-language.  Developing our awareness of the signs and signals of body language makes it easier to understand what someone is really saying, making it easier to communicate with them in a way that can earn their trust and ultimately you the sale.

Presentations can be one hour, two hour or half day. All, are tailored to suit your organisation’s needs. Isha is also a mindfulness speaker and workshop facilitator.  Her engaging interactive workshops and keynotes help participants to learn about mindfulness, managing stress and integrating the principles of mindfulness into work and life.

If you are interested in the mindfulness programs/topic’s Isha facilitates, please visit our workplace training section to gain a clearer understanding of how she can support you. 

Please contact Isha via email to discuss your individual needs or enquire below and she will get back to you.  Please allow a 24-hour response time when submitting enquiries.