Isha Knill - Business Coaching
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Isha Knill offers business, career and personal coaching/mentoring as well as workplace training where she runs mindful workshops, leadership and business focus days.  She also runs Inner Circles for women and is the founder of Thriving Women a business networking group for women.

What got me into coaching/mentoring/consulting?

I am a fourth-generation Zimbabwean who had no intention of leaving my homeland.  Sadly, President Mugabe had other ideas. In 2000 Mugabe’s army began a violent campaign against white farmers, forcibly removing them from their land (without compensation) demanding that they return to their colonial roots.  As the political situation continued to steadily worsening my husband and I finally came to the realisation that we had to leave and start again in new country.  We migrated to Australia (via England) arriving in Queensland late 2003, moving to New South Wales early 2004. 
When I arrived in Australia I felt completely lost, everything had changed and nothing made sense any more.  The business I had in Zimbabwe did not suit the Australia market and I was unclear what to do. 

Having run my own business in Zimbabwe and now in Australia, I have always been strong in business management and I am also good at helping people understand how to manage their relationships.  This lead me to combine my people and business management knowledge and start my own consulting business where I now work as a business and personal coach/mentor predominantly supporting women (and enlightened men) in their business, career or personal life. 

I work with people whose business has grown and find themselves struggling to manage their business, their staff and their personal life leaving them feeling overwhelmed and exhausted as they spend too much time working and too little time with the people they love. 

Who I work with

My clients are people who feel like they are too busy, there is an overreliance on them both in their business and their home life.  They need to learn how to empower their team both at work and at home to step up and do the work required to keep both their business profitable and their home functioning efficiently with a happy connected family so that they do not feel so overwhelmed and exhausted trying to juggle everything.

My coaching style is intuitive, insightful and practical

I am a very intuitive coach relying on my intuition to guide your growth. My approach is often described by clients as intuitive, insightful and even spiritual.  This means that the work we do is an organic process covering a combination of things; which include tackling what surfaces from your subconscious conditioning, filling in knowledge gaps and giving you the life tools you need to move forward.

I’m a practical and grounded with a deep desire to see you succeed in your business and your life. I assist you with transformational change which means you gain meaningful change and do not return to old habits that sabotage your process.  This approach frees you from the limitations that have been stopping your progress, moves you forward and stops you falling back into old habits.  I bringing all my life experience together to create practical, workable steps that will have a genuine impact in your life.

The work I value is in the fields of mindfulness, consciousness and spirituality.  I am more of a change agent wishing to bring about transformational change both for my clients and the world.  Helping you transform creates a ripple effect which brings about a larger transformation which in turn begins the process of healing our planet.  I have a simple motto “Help the people, help the planet”.

My purpose

I help people, particularly women, believe in themselves. I believe that every person is unique and amazing but our thinking inhibits our ability to live our happiest life or reach our fullest potential.  What we have been taught to think limits us. I am passionate about teaching consciousness and helping people to live more mindfully as mindfulness helps you to discover a genuine sense of inner harmony which creates happiness and contentment. Learning to move away from your mind formed self and gain the understanding and knowledge of how to work from your deeper self gives you the tools you need to live a life full of joy.

When I’m not working

I love hanging out with my husband and three amazing children, they are a true joy to me and I am grateful every day to have them in my life.  I love walking my dogs (Lucky and Bonnie) because they give me a reason to get out and about and enjoy the amazing place I live in.  I meditate regularly and love gazing at the beautiful scenery that surrounds me, I feel blessed to be part of this beautiful world and be a co-contributor in helping people find the same happiness & wonder I have found in my daily living. 

My credentials

I build and sold my first business, a significant achievement in a collapsing economy, migrated to Australia and opened my current business which I am continuing to grow.  I have 20 years of business management experience and have gathered more than 3500 hours of coaching experience, including completing a Diploma of Management and Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

I was privileged to be the Australian Citizen of the year for Conargo Shire in 2009 and a business finalist for the Illawarra Women in Business in 2015. I also love supporting Mind Blank, a not-for-profit organisation passionate about raising mental health awareness by being the Vice-Chairperson of their Board.

Still have questions about career, business or personal coaching?

If you still have questions about the way that I work, or about coaching in general, you might find the answers on our frequently asked questions page.