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Sponsor Spotlight with Isha Knill The Bizmom Coach

Isha Knill - Friday, September 28, 2018

As I am the Thriving Women Sponsor being highlighted this month...I was a little perplexed as to how to do my interview but my lovely daughter Brenna (who helped at our last Thriving Women Event) sat down and helped record our interview to share with everyone this month (for which I am very grateful!)  Enjoy!
So how did you get involved in the coaching industry?

To be honest, a bit by accident.  I had a totally different business in Zimbabwe, which was an Interior Décor business where I created hand painted fabric’s and had a team of people working for me. 

Did you enjoy this business?

Absolutely!  Running a business in a third world is very different from running a business in the first world, it’s a lot easier to employ people as labour isn’t expensive so it is easy to grow your business which I was able to do quite quickly which means you get into a position where you work on your business not in your business so you are busy but it’s a different busy compared to what I have experienced running a business in Australia.

What was more challenging was managing the changes and inefficiencies of the government – you were constantly putting out fires created by strange policies they implemented that made no sense – honestly it could get pretty overwhelming trying to work out what to do next!

So what is different in Australia?

The main thing is having to wear so many hats in your business and raise a family at the same time.  Whilst I love working from home I have found that managing my time can be a challenge as there are so many demands on it which means I have had to get really efficient at getting my family to understand that whilst I am a Mother, I am also a business woman and they need to respect when I am working. 

It’s part of the reason why I am so keen to support Working Mum’s because I know the challenges I have had and managed to overcome.  I am really passionate to help share what I have learnt so I can help them and their families.

Did you plan to go into the coaching industry when you came to Australia?

No…far from it, honestly I don’t think it ever occurred to me to even consider something like this! 

So how did you get into coaching?

It was really watching some of the business practices that were happening in the country town we were living in.  I honestly used to think to myself but that doesn’t make sense, particularly as I had run a business back home. I was passionate about people management so I started talking to people and it just went from there.

Have you found that you enjoy being in the coaching world?

Yes…I love supporting people to change.  It’s something I am really passionate about!  To be honest the coaching industry has become quite saturated, and there have been times when it can be challenging but the thing that keeps me going is the people. It’s really rewarding when someone comes to you for help and you have the skills to support them to turn things around in their relationships, their business, their families. 

I have clients who have done so well through working with me, it’s such a privilege to be able to help someone on their journey, I feel very blessed to be a part of their transformation!

What have you loved about the industry?

As I said, the clients, and being part of their transformation – this is a huge privilege for me and why I keep working in the industry.  I really love helping and supporting people, I love building community and I love helping to be instrumental in supporting people to grow and prosper.

So why the recent change in direction?

Well it isn’t a total change in direction. Up till now I have mainly been working with business women teaching them people management skills, so they can get their team to work with them so they don’t feel so overwhelmed but recently Mum’s started asking me how I have such great kids and seem to manage things so well.  To be honest I took a lot of the business principles I teach and used them on my family and as I love helping women it seemed a natural direction to take. 

So being in business 20 years now, what do you think you have learnt the most out of business?

There is so much I honestly don’t know where to begin!  The main one is to be relentless about your own personal development. Owning a business is hard, it is a real journey into learning about yourself!  But the more you work on you the better your world becomes!  I know change can be hard, but you only have one life so it’s important to make it the best life you can live. Which means you must find what’s the best life for you, not compare it to others – find your balance and live from there.  Try your best to have no regrets!

Laugh a lot and whilst financial wealth matters I place more value on emotional wealth – having healthy, happy loving connections with my children and husband are essential to me.    

Surround yourself with great people.  I am incredibly blessed to have met the most amazing people since I have come to Australia and in particular the Illawarra.  I consider myself to be an incredibly lucky person.  I know so many wonderful and amazing people to whom I am really grateful for as they have supported and helped me become Australian – I feel very blessed to know them!

Finally, gratitude – many people know that I have not had an easy life, I have faced many challenges but I am just so grateful for the life I have lived so far.  I have learnt so many priceless lessons. Gratitude is a big thing for me.  Being grateful everyday brings great depth to your life and your relationships it really helps to flips the way you see the world!

With the benefit of hindsight is there anything you would have changed?

To be honest I am not sure.  In my darker moments I have wondered what I would change or do differently but I always come back to the fact that there have been so many priceless lessons that I honestly don’t think I would change anything because these lessons have helped me to be a better facilitator.  The only thing I would say is don’t dwell on the pain, find someone to help you and keep moving as it always gets better!

Any advice for people who have been in business for a while?

Get help and I am no just saying that because I work in the coaching industry – honestly get help!! I would not be where I am today if I hadn't asked for help....often!!  It has transformed my life and then helped me to transform other's lives.  Take it from me, there is nothing worse than being stuck and in pain!  Being in business, especially with such rapid changes can be incredibly challenging so don’t be afraid to reach out and get help, the more you learn about yourself and add to your skill base, the better your business will become, actually the better your life will become so – get help 😊

And surround yourself with awesome people because they just make your day….this is what I love about Thriving Women, I feel so blessed that I can reach out to such lovely people and get support in an instance – I am very lucky!

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