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Not knowing this can cost your your business

Isha Knill - Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Why You need People Management Systems in your business.

Something I see and have personally experienced in my own business journey is that in the beginning, when we start our business at the early stages we spend much of our time learning the components needed to run our business, for example who our Avatar is, where they hang out, how to find them, how to get sales in, social media etc. In the initial stages of business, much of our time is spent 'birthing' our business, working out how to get it established.  

Once we gain momentum it then becomes important to put business systems into our business so that there isn't so much of a reliance on us to do everything. So what are business management systems?  Essentially what this means is that we need to look at ways of automating our business as well as implementing processes that are easy to follow so that we can start to hand over the work we have been doing to other people that we employ, so that we lighten our load. 

We then enter into the next phase which is spending our time doing a combination of managing what has already been put in place as well as continuing to grow our business. As our business gains momentum, to further lighten our load it becomes necessary to hand over a lot of the management tasks to a leadership team whether this be a team leader or a small management team and it is at this stage that it becomes important to understand how to implement people management systems.  

The interesting thing is that step is regularly missed in business and it is why businesses become overwhelming for the owner and can in some cases can lead to them either burning out, selling their business, or downsizing to a size that they can cope with, or if they can't sell their business they close their business and move onto something else.

A good business is one that understands both business systems and people management systems they are both crucial for your business success and one cannot go without the other in a growing business.

So what are people management systems?  I will share more about this in the coming weeks but for the purposes of this post I wanted to highlight the start of the business journey mainly to highlight to people where they are in their business journey so that if they can see a pattern forming in their business and they are at the stage where they are bringing on a management/leadership team and need to understand more about people management systems you can either stay tuned or if you prefer some help please feel free to contact me to have a chat by clicking this link so we can set up a time to connect.

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