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Isha Knill - Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wow!!  I can't believe how many networks there are in the Illawarra.....incredible, it almost gets too much trying to work out where to go and what to join!  

Having come from somewhere that had no networking to so many it can be a bit overwhelming but I guess it's better to have more than less, shows that people are interested in growing their businesses.

I must admit some of the people I have chatted with find it pretty confusing but something I often say to people is to focus on the energy.  What does the energy of the group feel like?  And not just the surface energy, what's happening underneath.  Is it a giving or taking energy?  

Giving energy indicates a group that is connected.  Together they want each other to do well, so everyone is committed to help each other move forward....this energy is inspiring and uplifting when you are part of it.

Taking energy points to self interest, self promotion and not necessarily trying to help the overall group gain, it's really about the individual gaining and so it always leaves the interested are they in helping you?  Or are you just the next client? 

Personally I like the giving energy, I love to be part of a group that wants everyone to prosper as it is wonderful to be a part of that energy, without knowing it we gain more than just networking!  Also humans love to be connected, it's how we tick, which is why these kind of groups can be so inspiring!



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